Stolen Vehicle Information

Information regarding vehicles that are STOLEN, FOUND or DESTROYED comes from the Police National Computer (PNC); we receive this information under licence from the Home Office.

This information is updated daily Monday – Friday excluding bank holidays. This is a snapshot of the Police National Computer at 06:00 it is normally loaded onto our servers around 07:00.

Some stolen vehicle information comes directly from social media appeals. This will be clearly stated in the report. This information should be treated with care as it may not be accurate. We have no control over the accuracies of these reports and are placed in the site in good faith for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime. It is hoped that using social media reports will fill the gap where the private sector do not get live access to PNC. This is done to so that hopefully someone does not fall foul to a quick sale of a stolen vehicle.

In any case, even if the vehicle is not listed as stolen, care should always be taken by the buyer to ensure that the vehicle is not stolen. Use the guide (which can be found here) to ensure you do not fall foul of criminal activity.

Remember, in law, title does not pass on stolen property. This means that stolen property always belongs to the original loser. IF you buy a stolen vehicle, you stand to lose the vehicle AND the money paid for the vehicle.


Vehicle Excise Licence & MOT information

 This is obtained live from DVLA systems. Please note it can take up to 5 days for VEL (tax) or MOT to update in DVLA / DVSA systems.


Vehicle Make Information

 Some vehicle maks have been obtained from a GOV.UK source under the Open Government Licence (OGL)


Should you find an error in any of the information provided please contact so we can

investigate and inform the data supplier.


Please note as per the terms of our contract with the Home Office if your search results in a match against

a stolen vehicle then we are obliged to notify the Police Force owning the report, this would include your

personal information to assist in the investigation / recovery.


Where the data is supplied to us by a third party, we cannot accept any responsibility for any losses incurred by inaccurate information. Where ever you chose to get your information from, it should always be treated as a guide and an additional part of the general process on deciding to trust information provided with a vehicle or the integrity of the vehicle itself.